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Easily create todo lists with subtasks

MyInfo task manager main screen

Tasks, subtasks and more

MyInfo is a PIM software, which offers todo list and personal tasks management. You can freely nest subtasks within tasks, assign priority, due dates and any other necessary information for your tasks.

Managing the things you have to do about some project is not just typing a few items in a todo list. Almost any task in project requires some sort of additional information. You can have this support materials scattered over your PC, but we believe that the same application that handles your todo list, should be home for your project support materials too. MyInfo allows you to freely mix tasks, documents, web addresses and attachments within a single application, so you have all you data in one place. You can tell just by a glance what you need to do about this project and where to find the necessary resources for each of these tasks.

We also believe that not all tasks are equal. It is an obvious thing that many other task management application seem to ignore. Some tasks are just part of other, bigger tasks and in MyInfo you can easily nest them within each other. This gives you an instant view over the major things you want to accomplish. You can reveal the details when you need them and when you decide that you want to act on them.

If you need the unique features that MyInfo offers, then you can be sure, you have made the right choice.

MyInfo is not a trivial todo list application. It was designed for people who need:

MyInfo is personal information manager that helps you organize todo lists and tasks

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