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Key MyInfo Features

Simple and Intuitive Interface

When you use a tool daily, it's important for it to be easy to use. MyInfo has an intuitive and simple interface, so you can start using it right away. You can reap its benefits and power with a very little investment of time.


Columns in the Tree

What really sets MyInfo apart from other personal information managers on the market is its ability to show multiple columns (or document attributes) in the tree. You can create your own columns like text fields, numbers, currency, checkboxes, and popup lists.

There are also a number of built-in attributes, which help you when working with the different areas of the application like task dates, information about the document and the attachments, and more.


Search Everywhere

In addition to the standard find functions which search information in the current topic, MyInfo also offers its unique ability to search in all MyInfo files in your library.

You can search for simple texts or build complex queries, searching in specific document attributes or variations of the search terms.


Internal Browser and File Viewer

You can view attached web links and some of the embedded files directly in MyInfo. It allows you to skip the constant switching between MyInfo and the web browser or the attachment original application and save time.

Internal viewer currently supports web pages, most pictures, Adobe Acrobat© files and Microsoft Office© documents (depending on the settings of Internet Explorer).


Full Featured Text Editor

You can easily edit your text information in MyInfo. Included text editor has a full range of word-processing features. It offers rich text formatting, hyperlinks, tables, pictures, OLE objects, and spell-checking.

It also supports text formatting styles, which are shared in all documents in the topic. So you can quickly change the topic look and achieve consistent and professional look.

It is easy to create links to other documents and topics using the Wiki-linking feature.


Focus on What's Important

MyInfo was designed to be easy for you to focus on what's important in the moment. First, it has a tabbed interface, which makes working with multiple topics a breeze. The ability of MyInfo to search in all topics allows you to split your data in smaller, more relevant topics without losing any important functionality.

When working with the documents in the tree, you can use the Filter View and hide irrelevant documents. MyInfo Professional adds the powerful Hoist feature, which allows you to "zoom" in the tree by hiding all documents that are not children or direct parents of the current document.


Find a number of ways to extend MyInfo functionality with plugins, templates and additional spelling dictionaries.

MyInfo Add-ons page

MyInfo Features A-Z

Auto Paste

Turn on to capture information without switching to MyInfo.


There is always working backup copy of your data.

Calendar View

View your documents chronologically.


Clone Documents

Have the same document in multiple locations of the tree.

Color Coded Topics

Easily spot the topic you need right now.

Drag & Drop Everywhere

Move information from, to, and throughout MyInfo with the mouse.


Embed Files

Embed local copies of other application files and edit them.


Protect your files from unauthorized access.


Export to Word, Excel, and as ordinary folder and files.


Export as a Web Site

Create and publish a copy of your topic for the Web.


Quickly access your favorite topics and documents.


Create a list of documents based on multiple criteria.



Temporally hide irrelevant documents from the tree.


Import from Word, Excel, and ordinary folders and files.

Instant Search

Search in multiple topics quickly.


Link to MyInfo Content

Link to topics, documents, or specific paragraphs from other applications.

Multiple Document Windows

View many documents from the same file at the same time.

Multiple Languages

MyInfo is Unicode so you can mix content in multiple languages.


Portable Version

Install MyInfo on memory card or flash drive.


Preview and print documents and topics.


Get notifications for upcoming tasks and meetings.


Replace Text Everywhere

Easily find and replace text in the whole topic.


Most commands have shortcuts and you can assign your own.

Spell Checking

MyInfo has auto correction and support for 100+ languages.


State Icons

Choose from 100+ available or add your own.


Add tasks with due dates and priorities.


Reuse topics and documents.


Web Snippets Clipping

Send page fragments from your favorite browser to MyInfo.

Word Count

Get full statistics for the text information in your topics.


Quickly open sets of topics.